Headache is a very frequent symptom in patients who seek medical consultation from a neurologist. This pain might be caused by blows to the head, infectious conditions, tumor lesions or other even less frequent affections. The most recurrent headaches are associated with symptoms of vascular origin (migraine), or tension.

Very often, the patient feels restless and worried about the intensity of his pain and fears that his discomfort may be related to some dreadful condition. If the medical history and the initial physical examination corroborate a tension or vascular condition, the request of additional exams is not necessary. However, if there is the slightest doubt, some detail not entirely clarified, or if the patient apprehension prevails, the request for imaging tests is the most convenient.

The electroencephalogram may be useful, but it is not the test of choice to rule out a tumor lesion. Fortunately, there are currently several radiological and imaging tests that assist the doctor verify or rule out diagnoses