What does a neurologist?

The neurologist is a specialist in medical care that is devoted to diseases that we understand how the nervous system.

The brain, spinal cord, network extensions from the central nervous system which we call: nerves. These are especially motor and sensory. These are the peripheral nervous system We also include within this periphery especially muscle effectors: the muscles (the others are the glandular system effectors), which is of particular concern myology. Another direct consequence of the nervous system are the sensory organs (smell, sight, hearing and taste), which are included within the cranial nerves. The other organs are associated with the aforementioned peripheral nervous system as proprioception, touch (pressure, pain and temperature), and balance.

Our knowledge of the brain is deepening, but as in all science, new answers will produce more questions. Still we have advanced enough. So, we met with Psychiatry whereas the last few decades has been developing what we call biological psychiatry, so these branches are found together also neurosurgery. In fact, every year in our country, a joint meeting of the three branches develops so closely related. So much so that today the world develop in neurosurgical procedure to intervene on behavior.

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