How to choose an antidepressant?

The truth is that there is no specific symptoms for which should be used in clinical practice, an antidepressant or another. However, one must consider what you want to achieve. This includes enabling some pay, but in other cases it becomes essential to control anxiety, and this may or may not require the use of a minor (or possibly more) tranquilizer.

On the other hand there are some antidepressants that are more specifically contraindicated in epilepsy, others are contraindicated in hypertension, etc.

There are some which complicate the hepatic activity and one should take them into account when it comes to a person suffering from some disease type. So when it is a nephropathy.

I would make a powerful therapy to lithium carbonate. This drug is just an antidepressant, but I must particularly stress that the plasma measurement is not the center of diagnosis, much less. This lithium is highly toxic in high doses and can cause serious damage especially in sensitive patients, however have had the experience of using very low as 200 mg dose. in patients in whom other stabilizers or antidepressants as such is associated and have never had a drama about renal or hepatic metabolism..

As the plasma level decision, it is important not just to poison the patient, but never to make the diagnosis. A low level of lithium alone gives me peace of mind to use it, but consider a diagnosis element is so absurd as to measure plasma levels of penicillin to know whether the patient actually suffers from tonsillitis.


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