The headache is a symptom of more frequent, more so in consultation with a neurologist. This pain can be caused by blows to the head, infectious processes, tumor lesions or other even less frequent pictures. I mean even less frequent, because far the most common head aches associated with the vascular (migraine or migraine), or at tension.

The patient, concerned not only by the intensity of their pain is often disturbed by the possibility that this symptom is related to injury of more poor prognosis. When the patient delivery very clear data that your picture is tension or vascular, and initial or physical examination presentation is normal, one tends not to order tests, however, having the slightest doubt staff, finally something that does not seem match well in history, or if the patient is very apprehensive situation imaging tests should be ordered without hesitation. The EEG can be helpful, but not the exam of choice when it comes to rule out a tumor lesion.

Blood tests may be helpful when an infectious environment. Brain tumor lesions have not proven to be hereditary, or less contagious, but when the patient has a close relative who has died of something. Or even saw death face to neighbor with a similar diagnosis is preferable to leave him alone with a test that today is much more on hand as a scanner.

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