Today, psychotherapy remains a central element in the management of medicine. We must not forget that the word medicine comes from medere, which means caring. A good friend can be a good medicine for our ailments.

I must point out that my wife has been a fundamental support in my difficult times. I also recognize that my children, parents and friends have shown me their unconditional support in critical situations. That is why family ties and close friends are irreplaceable to protect our emotional integrity. However, we currently understand our behaviors from a biochemical point of view. In fact, each neuron (basic cell of the nervous system) communicates with one another through complex molecules called neurotransmitters.

The study of brain functions has proven that many emotional disorders are related to alterations in the release, metabolization or reception of these substances.

With such knowledge, pharmacology has undertaken the task of helping to solve these types of problems by developing products that, according to scientific research, are involved in these biochemical processes. The best evidence regarding their effectiveness is that patients improve their behaviors, ways of thinking and moods with the intervention of this type of drugs.

It does not mean emotional life has been transformed into pure biochemistry, but nowadays the psychotherapeutic aid is complemented with the pharmacological one, potentiating a faster and more lasting result. However, these types of treatments are lengthy, and sometimes for life, since, despite medical progress, there are no permanent solutions yet.